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In the intricate world of global business, it is essential to have a partner who understands both international operations and local market nuances. BMA Business Solutions can provide you with the business consulting expertise and localised support you need to navigate through these complexities with confidence and ease..

Business Consulting & Digital Marketing
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Why choose BMA Business Solutions?

We believe in tailored solutions because we understand that every business is unique. Our approach is based on listening, understanding your needs and then creating a strategic roadmap specifically designed for your success.

At BMA Business Solutions, your journey is our priority. So let’s make that journey together. Navigate the complexities of the global marketplace with a team that understands your ambitions, shares your drive and is committed to making your goals a reality.

Our services

What we offer for your business


Support in the banking and financial services sector

We specialise in assisting individuals and companies worldwide to open accounts with Swiss and global banks. Our team of experienced professionals excels at assisting foreign institutions in establishing robust correspondent banking partnerships. With a deep understanding of the intricate banking system, we navigate the process with unparalleled clarity and efficiency, ensuring a seamless journey for our valued clients.


Registration of a company and legal support

Setting up a business in a new country can be daunting. From registration to compliance, we provide a seamless path for your business in Switzerland. Our in-depth knowledge of Swiss company law ensures that your business operations are compliant, saving you time and reducing potential risks.


Web developemnt, IT and digital marketing services

Beyond the initial setup, we take your business to new heights with comprehensive IT and web development services and marketing strategies. Our experts harness the power of social networks and the global web to help your products and services reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness and drive growth.

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